How this works Edit

Click the attack button in the top right corner. A color wheel will appear. Gamer tags showing level, name, color, and leaderboards ranking will pop up, one per color, except your color, which remains blank. Press a tag to begin your attack. Your enemies territory will pop up, and show their defenses. Now choose a mercenary, based on enemy's defense. When ready, press the fight button.


  • Always keep your distance if confronted with a difficult enemy.
  • It helps to constantly move around.
  • Always take out the flag bearer first.
  • When using the Gatling mercenary if a cannon is placed just after a capture point the cannon range will most likely be in the middle of the point killing your mercenary. Destroy the cannon.
  • Nono works on both tanks and rototanks.
  • Triangle should be used when the enemy has many tracker formations or bunkers.