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"Bunkers constantly spawn pigments until the building is destroyed."
Small bunker
Big bunker
Light bunkerBunker Big bunker
Defense cost 50 Defense cost 75 Defense cost 100
Purchase price 70 Purchase price 90 Purchase price 150
14 per unit 18 per unit 30 per unit


A simple fort where defending pigments constantly spawn until the building is destroyed. It is also guarded by a circle of troops without a leader. Pigments spawned from these fortresses behave like tracker formations and as such, are easily handled when a triangle mercenary in on the battlefield. Pigments that are deployed by these bunkers don't contribute to an attacker's reserve bar.


It is generally a good idea to put these bunkers in the Front so that the constant waves of pigments slowly whittles down attacking armies. Early armies unless they have a triangle mercenary, will have a difficult time taking out bunkers without suffering some serious damage due to their lack of reserves.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
Bunker upgrade 1
19 Light bunker This bunker generates small units of trackers who harass the invaders. 60
Bunker upgrade 2
26 Bunker This bunker generates units of trackers who harass the invaders. 120
Bunker upgrade 3
33 Heavy bunker This bunker generates large units of trackers who harass the invaders. 240
Bunker upgrade 4
38 Vigilance Your bunkers generate units further away. 450
Bunker upgrade 5
39 Intensive training Your bunkers generate troops more rapidly. 450
Bunker upgrade 6
40 Out of service Destroys an enemy bunker before the battle. 450


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