Welcome, generals, to the colour wars page! Here you'll find out all you need to know about the colour wars and how to capture the crown and lead your colour to VICTORY!

What is it?:

Some of you are a bit confused on what colour wars actually is. But don't worry, I was confused too, so here is basically what it is: all the colours start off with no points. To get points you need to capture territories. To do this, simply beat someone in a match once. When this is done, a little tile is taken from the enemy's territory and added to yours. Once you have three of them, you get a larger tile which over time will earn you one point. If you capture more, your colour gets more points. For example: if blue has 3 large tiles while red has 1, red would get 1 point while blue gets 3 points. If you manage to claim enough tiles, your colour then captures THE CROWN. This crown grants your colour double points! At the end of the week the colour with the highest amount of points wins! There will be a leaderboard that shows who's in what place. First place gets the best loot, and the rewards get worse if you have fewer points, all the way down to a measly ten coins for the player in last. There will also be a stats page where it will show you all the things that are happening in the battles like pigments killed, balls fired, etc. Depending on what colour gets the most kills of pigments, or is the most aggressive, it actually puts the colour up on the leader board allowing them to get more prizes even if they came in last points wise.


At the end of each colour wars, depending on what place you get, a certain reward is given to you at random. The higher the ranking, the more selections there are. Prizes are up for grabs, but this also means you could get a measly ten coins as if you were in last place. The rewards are:

10 coins

rare card chance booster (use when you want to)

gold cards


Silver cards

(not sure what the crown ones are COMING SOON)

Colours Wars Map: