Tactile Wars uses two types of currency and an experience system.


Currencies Edit

Gold Edit

Gold coin

Gold is the game's basic currency and is used to purchase upgrades and defensive units. They can be acquired in battle (attack and defense), via achievements, purchase with prisms and watching promotional videos. Once your base has reached level 10 gold can be collected from each territory you control.

Tip: You can get lots of gold quickly by attacking a bunch! You can also steal any uncollected gold from enemy territories, too!

Prisms Edit

Prisms are the premium currency in Tactile Wars. They are used for buying mercenaries and decorations. They can also be used to re-attempt a failed attack as well as activating bosses. Prisms are mainly attained via in-app purchases although some can be obtained through achievements, recommending friends and certain other means.

Tip: Sometimes, a random event happens on the spinner wheel that allows all members of a certain color to get prisms on S-rated attacks! Attack often during this period, and try to get lots of big combos to get an S!

XP Edit

You receive experience through attacking, defending and achievements. Its accumulation allows you to reach higher levels that unlock new units and upgrades.