A good defense keeps your enemies at bay and humiliates them when they land on your doorstep. You get money and experience for each successful defense, and you keep any uncollected gold from your territories out of THEIR hands.

Lets take a look at some of the toys you get, hmm?

Traps Mines, Geysers, Trapped Slabs, Tesla Antennas
Artillery Turrets, Tanks, Cannons, Vannons, Rototanks, Boss
Support Power ups, mercenaries, reserve
Troops Trackers, Snipers, Bunkers, Turtles, Heli-Towers
Territories Expansion, Budget
Training Training, Strategy
Guides Link to guides
MISC Attacking, Defending, Cards, Achievements, Hidden Achievements, Daily Missions, Currency, Armory, Medals, Discord

Defences not listed behind have their own page. Look for it in the menu above.

Troops and ArtilleryEdit


See tanks.

A tank will charge straight towards you then stop, aim its cannon and then fire. It will return to its parking spot and do it again until destroyed. But be warned, once destroyed you have to get out of the way or you will get crushed by its turret.


These troops wear these cute little boxes soaking up most of the damage you can dish out. They're a lot like tracker formations because these guys will also follow you, the only difference is these guys fire off one large shot each being capable of tearing your troops to shreds. It recommend to have a lot of them at the start to thin out the staring army.

Turtles attacking