Placing Defenses Edit

There is a bar near the bottom right of the screen. It contains your defenses, how many you have of that defense, and how many defense points it costs to place it. First, tap and drag a defense (Troops, Artillery, other) onto an open hexagon (No lock covering it.) When the hexagon changes to your army's color, release and the defense (Troops, Artillery, other,) will fall into place. Pay attention to the number under your defense's picture, that is it's defense points, which is how much it costs to put it in a territory. each territory has defense points that can be increased in the research center. When a territory can't hold anymore inside, the defense bar on the territory will flash red, so plan to accommodate for the limit. (The territory doesn't have to be completely filled).

Improving Territory Edit

Once you have grown to a certain level, a tutorial pops up, explaining how to improve territory. Here, if you need help, is a guide to improving territory. First, down near the bottom of each individual territory, is a button with a pigment head on it. Tap on that button and a toolbar will appear. Four buttons will appear, each having one more head on it than the other. Tap on that button, and the price will be revealed, pressing on the price will bring up a yes or no selection. Tap yes and your territory will be upgraded. Upgrading is completely beneficial because it brings in more pigment troops in a different formation to defend and alters the path your enemy has to take, making everything more difficult.

Traps Mines, Geysers, Trapped Slabs, Tesla Antennas
Artillery Turrets, Tanks, Cannons, Vannons, Rototanks, Boss
Support Power ups, mercenaries, reserve
Troops Trackers, Snipers, Bunkers, Turtles, Heli-Towers
Territories Expansion, Budget
Training Training, Strategy
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MISC Attacking, Defending, Cards, Achievements, Hidden Achievements, Daily Missions, Currency, Armory, Medals, Discord