Defense cost 15

Sumary: These traps shoot out pigments every couple of seconds. The time before shooting out depends of the upgrades buyed. They shoot synchronized unless you have the last geyser upgrade, which is unlocked at level 31. You can upgrade geysers three times.


  • Your first defense. Highly recommended to upgrade them as much as possible, they WILL become a cornerstone to your defense once over level 31. A good defense uses Geysers or other trap types to inhibit the Enemy from moving around and eliminate them when they are forced to move by other defenses. Their position, like all other Trap types, Varies per map, So test your defenses heavily and see if you can get a Strong cluster.
  • Geysers are NOT recommended for any defense. not until level 31, but by then they are still terrible or are replaced by Tesla walls or mines. synchronized blasting from underground, no matter HOW fast it is, is easily read and avoided, So NEVER use Geysers unless you need to something small to fill in your Gaps.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
1 Paint Geysers While digging in the ground your pigments have discovered paint Geysers 10
6 Improved Eruption Improves your geysers' eruption speed by 25%. 40
13 Improved Eruption 2 Improves your geysers' eruption speed by 50%. 80
22 Geyser Plug Plugs up half the enemy's geysers. 390
31 Thermageddon! The eruption of all your geysers are desynchranized. 100

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