Heli towers, are little towers with a roof top design with little mines in it. Those mines are carried out by flying troops. If you step on the mines, the nearby troops die. It can be upgraded six times the last one being unlocked at level 40. Heli towers are considered armored units.

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Novice helitower
Hardened helitower
Elite helitower
Novice heli-pigmentsHardened heli-pigments Elite heli-pigments
Defense cost 45 Defense cost 65 Defense cost
Purchase price 40/50/60 Purchase price 80/100/120 Purchase price
per unit per unit per unit


These towers rearm a squad of airborne pigments to drop bombs on attacking troops. These bombs behave like a quirky landmine, explodes on contact, and detonates after some time. Higher level towers maintain larger numbers of flying pigments, meaning more bombs.


This is your first "Long range" defense tower. Flying pigments that spawn from this tower have a great attack range allowing them to bomb attackers without much counter attack. The best way to use heli towers is to put them in a position where attackers CAN'T reach without activating the first capture point. Combine this with well upgraded land mines and other "Pusher" types of defenses, like Tanks, and you can easily give your opponent a REALLY hard time. Don't focus SOLELY on them. A Heliminator Merc, can deal with these guys without much issue.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
Helitower upgrade 1
12 Novice heli-pigments Two heli-pigments drop bombs on the invaders. 40
Helitower upgrade 2
18 Hardened heli-pigments Three heli-pigments drop bombs on the invaders. 80
Helitower upgrade 3
23 Elite heli-pigments Four heli-pigments drop bombs on the invaders. 160
Helitower upgrade 4
26 Slow fuse Your heli-pigments' bombs remain on the ground twice as long. 190
Helitower upgrade 5
31 Long haul Your heli-pigments spot enemies from further away. 240
Helitower upgrade 6
40 Aerial accident Destroys an enemy heli-tower before the battle. 390


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