Welcome to the hidden achievements page, where our highly trained spies gather information on the toughest of achievements to obtain. If you've discovered any other achievements that we don't have, feel free to add it to the page!

Attack Achievements Edit

Boss, I stepped on something Edit

Lose 500 pigments by traps.


Have all your remaining pigments taken out by a falling tank head

Difficult startEdit

Lose in a territory with no defense.

I love hunting! Edit

Eliminate a turtle formation with an artillery support.

Finish with Class Edit

Defeat a boss with artillery support.

Almost Missed!Edit

A boss defeated you while it still had 90% of its life.


A boss defeated you while it only had 10% of its life.

Defense Achievements Edit

Ghandi? Edit

  • Rack up 1000 defeats in defense.

United ColorsEdit

Attack or be attacked.

I Your adversaries have stolen 5000 pieces of gold from you.

Progression Achievements Edit

Made in France Edit

Play Tactile Wars in France.

Strategic Reply Edit

Return home without finishing a battle.

Occasional Player Edit

Get grades DDDD while attacking.

Betrayal Edit

Change your team color. (in order to unlock you must spend $6)

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