Mercenaries are special pigments that are designed to counter several types of defences. They are obtained by collecting a certain amount of silver, platinum or golden cards

Baby Gatling Edit

Baby gatling protect control points. He is the default mercenary. he has a smaller pool of health than Gatling and only shoots four shots. If you can, replace him as soon as you can. But his father is best.

Gatling Edit

Once Gatling captures a circle, he rips apart crowds of pigments with a force to put a smile on your face. He is not good against Pigment Army lines, only against bunched up squares of pigment formations. He isn't that great at later levels once Cannons and Heli towers get thrown into the mix as he doesn't move from his position.

Was generally the first mercenary you get until the release of the Baby Gatling, who has a similar power. The main Gatling's power was increased to provide a good starting mercenary (Baby Gatling)


A Strange One-eyed Robotic construct armed with missiles for hands. Always has an itchy back to top it off. He fires homing missiles.

Tanks and Rototanks bothering you? Field him, He will make short work of those Armored monsters AND have an increased chance to spawn a card as well.


With a similar look to the N0n0, this mercenary can't be unlocked or buyed and it's available during the events of the color war. It's the improved version of the Nono because he can also shoot ccannons and turrets.

Triangle Edit

A pigment with a good idea of explosives. He operates a grey Paint Bazooka and Launches bombs at any triangular formation. He is your best offensive weapon against Infantry heavy defenses. Makes short work of trackers and Bunker spawns without so much as a sneeze.

He also has the longest range for a basic attack.

Heli-minator Edit

A Pigment that has trouble seeing out of his Mask. He Operates a Compact Gas thrower that sprays a giant colored cloud against Flying Pigments. Any Flying Pigment that get hits with this cloud Immediately disperses from the battlefield, never to be seen again.

He's a Bit finiky as he doesn't have very good aim so always keep avoiding the bombs just in case he Misses. He's also practically useless for trackers.

Target Edit

Target is a very resilient, metal coated pigment in armour. He absorbs sniper fire 15 times. Note: he will ONLY attract sniper fire, nothing else. He is expensive to obtain, and should only be used if an enemy general has over 3 sniper towers, 2 armoured or elite. Protect him at all costs.

UFO-X Edit

Destroys mines and Tesla antennas from a distance.

UFO-Z Edit

This little bathroom plunger is used for trapped slabs and geysers. He has little corks on the bottom but to use them you must have to go risk getting hit by the traps so go when they rest! Nowadays, if you step on a trapped slab while UFO-Z is disarming it, this does not activate it. Also it has rockets to seal trapped slabs in a colorful goo. The only way it attacks is like the Nono that you must be right next to'em.


This little UFO is capable of picking up medals and transforming them into gold. The UFO-A picks up medals extremely fast so you don't have to and after a certain amount of medals are picked up it will produce gold! It also has normal bullets like gatling.


Launches bombs at turtle formations.


Shoots like a chain gun, but only shoots at vannons.


Creates an energy barrier that stops cannonballs to defense your pigments.


Temporarily neutralizes turrets by plugging their cannon.

Crok is capable of plugging up a turret infinitely eventually the cork dissapears and is able to shoot again so be carful, after a few seconds he will plug it up again. This is useful if your going up against multiple turrets and you can basically just stand there and look pretty (as all pigments are capable of doing).

Upgrades Edit

These are all the upgrades you can get for your mercenaries:

Photo Level Name Description Coin
Photo 17 Unbreakable Your mercenaries are 50% more resistant 50
Photo 24 Untouchable Your mercenaries are 100% more resistant 200
Photo 33 Immortal Your mercenaries are resuscitated once per battle 400
Gatling, Nono, N1N1, Triangle, Heli-minator, UFO-A, UFO-X, UFO-Z, Target, Boomer, Tommy, Psycho, Crok.