Positions Edit

Positioning is a useful tactic in tactile wars, a triangle formation is good for fending off groups of units attacking in two directions, a circle is great for dodging turret fire/capturing territories, and so on!

A few strategies of your own are encouraged to be placed in the comments, but anyway, lets move on to a list of the positions I use for capturing bases!

Line- good for a basic offensive push, if this failed, it's most likely that the enemy was attacking in multiple directions, or the squad's leader was not vulnerable!

Semi-circle- useful for swarming triangle formations or singular squads! can also swarm immobile threats like turrets, but this is risky, due to the turret's constant fire.

Square- like the line, but not recommended for main pushing due to more pigments being placed in areas where they cannot shoot the enemy, recommended for those moments where squads are coming from four directions, and a circle isn't cutting it!

Bunch- when your units are bunched up in a very small diamond/circle, it becomes easy to manage them and dodge turret fire!

Many other patterns and positions exist, but I hope that this page helped you on capturing territories and earning coins!

Good luck on the field, soldier!