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"Shoot enemies from long range."
Novice snipers
Seasoned snipers
Elite snipers
Novice snipersSeasoned snipers Elite snipers
Defense cost 50 Defense cost unknown Defense cost unknown
Purchase price 50 Purchase price 70 Purchase price 120
10 per unit 14 per unit 24 per unit


A camouflaged tower containing pigments with scoped recoilless rifles. Shoots pigments at long range.


These towers are very bad when you first unlock them being just an expensive turret with faster aim yet no health. Later versions however, add more snipers and effectively replace turrets provided you have the budget to field the expense ones. Multiple big sniper towers in the one area could possibly lock down an area. Use them in the same deployment manner as a turret.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
[[File: |center|71px]] 23 Novice snipers A sniper pigment that targets invaders from medium range. 90
[[File: |center|72px]] 31 Seasoned snipers Two sniper pigments that targets invaders from long range. 180
[[File: |center|73px]] 37 Elite snipers Three sniper pigments that targets invaders from a very long range. 360
[[File: |center|74px]] 38 Precision glasses The range of your snipers is increased by 33%. 450
[[File: |center|75px]] 40 Black glasses Destroys a formation of enemy snipers before the battle. 450


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