"Tanks are better than you."

Gotta move that gear up!
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"Runs over and shoots invaders"
Small tank
Big tank
Light tankArmored tank Heavy tank
Defense cost 40 Defense cost 60 Defense cost 80
Purchase price 45 Purchase price 65 Purchase price 85
9 per unit 13 per unit 17 per unit

Summary Edit

The tank serves as a defender. The tank attacks in two ways. It shoots a cannon ball like a turret, then it attempts to run you over.

Tips Edit

  • Place lots of tanks at the start, it will be much harder for an attacking army to kill with a lack of reinforcements.
  • If a tank is guarding a strategic spot, KILL IT FIRST then capture the spot. You wouldn't want to be dealing with a tank and enemy troops coming to take your spot at the same time.

Upgrades: Edit

Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
2 Light Tank A light tank to improve your defenses. 50
19 Armored Tank An armored tank to improve your defenses. 100
28 Heavy Tank A heavy tank to improve your defenses. 200
34 Armor Plating Increases your tanks' resistance by 50%. 390
39 Targeted Blow Destroys an enemy tank before battle. 390
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