Zap fry your enemies!

Tesla antenna
Tesla antenna
Defense cost 30
Purchase Price 30
6 per unit


Basically... A large electric fence, without the fence. With more upgrades, they could potentially lock down huge areas and inhibit enemy pigments from moving around very easily.


Their position, like all other Trap types, Varies per map, So test your defenses heavily and see if you can get a Strong cluster.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
21 Tesla Antennas Tesla atennas generate electric barriers in your territory. 100
27 Alternating Current Doubles the speed of your electric fields 190
30 Particle Accelerator Tripples the speed of your electric fields 250
33 Electric Wall Doubles the speed of your electric field 290
37 Black Out Deactivates some of your opponent's tesla antennas 310
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