"Turrets improve your defense by shooting bombs at your enemies"
Light turret
Armored turret
Heavy turret
Light turretArmored turret Heavy turret
Defense cost 30 Defense cost 40 Defense cost 50
Purchase price 30 Purchase price 45 Purchase price 60
6 per unit 9 per unit 12 per unit

Summary Edit

The turrets improve your defense by throwing bombs at your enemies. There are three types and two upgrades. Turrets are stationary gun batteries that deal splash damage to splatter clumped up pigments. They should never be left alone to defend against an attacking army because they CAN'T DEFEND against a well micromanaged pigment army. It is EASILY taken out by simply doing CIRCLES around these turrets. Beware of its cannon when destroyed, it kills pigments.


Turrets are your first "Pusher" type of defense. Defenses that focus on putting stress on attacking troops to make them move instead of them sitting around easily defending ground. They are extremely vulnerable at close range, being too slow to shoot Pigment armies. Later more expensive turrets are faster and much thicker, especially with upgrades.

Try to position them behind your first capture point so that they can shell enemies from afar without much of a chance of being destroyed by armies running circles around them.