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"The armored version of your pigments."
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Novice turtlesHardened turtles Elite turtles
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Purchase price 55 Purchase price 75 Purchase price 95
11 per unit 15 per unit 19 per unit


Turtles are armored enemies that track the player's army and are immune to normal troop bullets up until they begin attacking.

During their attack, the front panel of their "suit" lifts up, exposing them to your troops while they begin a charging shot that takes a short while to complete. Like turrets, they turn slowly, making the attack easy to avoid as long as you run circles around them closely.

Only one row of Turtles attack at a time, meaning fighting higher tiered turtles can take longer.


Kill them by going around in circles. Try not to run into them or get close, because they will kill your pigments by contact. The size of the energy ball that gathers in front of them while attacking is an indicator of how long before they fire.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
Turtle upgrade 1
24 Novice turtle formation A very resistant formation of 4 pigments who follow your enemies. 90
Turtle upgrade 2
29 Hardened turtle formation A very resistant formation of 6 pigments who follow your enemies. 150
Turtle upgrade 3
34 Elite turtle formation A very resistant formation of 9 pigments who follow your enemies. 250
Turtle upgrade 4
36 Forced march Increases your turtles' movement speed. 390
Turtle upgrade 5
40 Endangered species Neutralizes a formation of enemy turtles before the fight. 450


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