""The vannon is a truck with machine guns on the side.""
Light vannon
Armored vannon
Heavy vannon
Light vannonArmored vannon Heavy vannon
Defense cost 60 Defense cost 90 Defense cost 120
Purchase price 70 Purchase price 90 Purchase price 110
14 per unit 18 per unit 22 per unit

Summary Edit

The vannon is a truck with machine guns on the side. What happens when you combine a car, a cannon, and the craziest Tank drivers around into one Vehicle? You get a Vannon. Vannons are THE cheekiest defensive vehicle that any pigment army can field once they reach level 28. They do what Tanks don't do, which is charge enemies WHILE shooting and turn pigments to a mess on the front grill. Their cannons are also not cannons, but rather AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS with a similar projectile as a sniper rifle. Instant. This defense is helpful, and although they can't run over troops, they can drive themselves into a large group of enemy soldiers and gun them down before they have a chance to fire.


  • Be warned. They can't be targeted by NONO mercs.
  • You NEED to be aggressive, never wait for one to charge, always try to avoid the first charge then get close to one and constantly shoot him from behind.
  • STAY OUT OF HIS HEADLIGHTS or your army is pretty much road kill.
  • The closer you can place a vannon to an early army, the better.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
28 Light Vannon Unlocks a light Vannon to defend your territories 120
32 Armored vannon Unlocks a armored vannon to defend your territories 220
35 Heavy vannon Unlocks a heavy vannon to defend your territories 320
37 Titanium finish Increases your vannons# resistance by 50% 390
39 Impound Destroys an enemy vannon before combat 390


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